Meet the Author

Journalist Lisa Maxbauer Price is the award-winning author and photographer behind the children's book Squash Boom Beet: An Alphabet for Healthy, Adventurous Eaters. To launch her career, Lisa spent 10 years in New York City working as a magazine editor, where she focused on health, nutrition and parenting. Her work has been published in countless national publications. She has also blogged for The New York Times.

Lisa is currently a contributor at the best-selling magazines First for Women and Woman's World. She has been a frequent on-air contributor to television shows including UpNorth Family, where she leads healthy cooking segments. 

Lisa is also the owner of Blue Bay Books, a boutique publishing company focusing on projects that inspire and educate readers, while celebrating the natural gifts of the environment. Located in Michigan, on the shores of Lake Michigan, Blue Bay Books was founded with an appreciation for the land. 

Lisa lives in Northern Michigan with her husband and three sons, where she loves hiking, antiquing and eating amazing locally sourced food.


Story Behind the Story

Get a peek into the inspiration behind the book Squash Boom Beet!


Environmentalists of the Year

Lisa Maxbauer Price attended the 2018 Environmentalist of the Year Awards, sponsored by the Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council, where she was honored as a nominee in the category of Journalism and Communication for her work with Squash Boom Beet

Author Lisa Maxbauer Price

Author Lisa Maxbauer Price

Read Local Movement


Author Lisa Maxbauer Price is the founder of Read Local RIOT, a community-based initiative inspiring people to support local authors and local booksellers. This is just one more way Lisa is promoting her values to eat local, shop local and support local artists. 

Join the movement! The next time you are browsing a bookstore, check out the "Local Authors" section.